Know your space.  Control your space.™

 Advertising intelligence and strategic marketing support for health, science and technology organizations worldwide

We Live & Breathe Science

The ESSENTIA team was founded by marketers with technical expertise in science and engineering. As media planners and marketing execs in technology, we needed faster, better, more granular tech advertising intelligence but couldn't find the information we wanted anywhere else. Digital exploded and print became more complex and fragmented, making media intel an even more necessary navigating tool. ESSENTIA clients come to us for the integrity of our data, affordable cost, and our team's knowledge of the industry and tech media. Don't operate in the dark. Know your space, so you can control your space.


OASIS Knowledgebase for print advertising intelligence


AGORA Knowledgebase for digital advertising intelligence


The Essentia Difference

Fast, Accurate, Granular Data


 Granular, accurate, segmented advertising data for your marketing space - metrics and ad images.  

Digital, Print & Email Tracking


 Digital and print media surveillance. Over 100 channels just in the Life Science group, for example. Ask us about your market. 

Industry Expertise


 All of our services and staff are focused on your team and your markets. Our industry experience helps us database more accurately than our competition, respond well to your team's needs, and understand the intricacies of high-tech marketing and media buying.